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This website is a place where the worlds Electro Swing Community can meet and chat and share their enthusiasm for all things in the genre . Since 2009 this genre has exploded and continues to find fans daily. Electro Swing as a genre can mean many things depending on the individual defining it.

For us, its simply Vintage Music from the 1920s to 1940s/50s remixed, in any style. The term ‘Electro swing’ was coined in 2008 in Paris by Olivier at Wagram Records, however, artists who remix antique musics with beats have been around for a long time, whilst Rap also has its roots in the early 1930s Scat and other styles.


Electro Swing Artists

Caravan Palace

It all started with a double bass player, a guitarist and a violinist; all highly talented musicians who are really into swing, Django addicts who enjoy tinkering with electro
Electro Swing Circus

A powerful combination of vintage samples, electro beats, gypsy-jazz guitar, electric double bass, keys, live drums and dirty synths. Fronted by an engaging female double-act, who perform an extensive variety of vocal styles, the ESC delivers a consistently dazzling show.

Riff Kitten

Combining influences from Tim Burton with a Dark Electro Swing aesthetic, RIFF KITTEN has been one of the most exciting new producers to emerge on the Electro Swing scene in recent months. Now he joins Freshly Squeezed for his first single on the label with a cat and mouse teaser of a song that is both dark, mysterious and melodic… HIDE & SEEK.


Swingrowers (pronounced “Swing-Growers”) are an Electro swing band formed by Roberto Costa a.k.a. “Pisk”, Loredana Grimaudo and Alessia Costagliola from Palermo in Sicily.

Parov Stelar

Marcus Füreder a.k.a. Parov Stelar lives and works in Linz, Austria. The freedom of Jazz combined with the groove of House and Breakbeat describes the character of Parov Stelar. In 2004 his “KissKiss EP” and soon after released album longplayer “Rough Cuts” meant his breakthrough in the international electroinic music scene.

Jamie Berry

Originally from Lincolnshire, Jamie found a musical home for the past six years in Leeds; with his main focus on honing 20s and 30s swing influences into House and Electro genres. His idiosyncratic sound piques your interest while his heavier wobble bass pushes things up a gear or two, continuously drawing people back to his music.

Swing Republic

Electro swing projekt with old jazz and a positive vibe. Fito Bolai is the president of Swing Republic. His music is inspired by various cultures. 

Caro Emerald 
A Dutch singer who studied as a jazz vocalist at the Amsterdam conservatory of music and earned her degree in 2005. She broke on to the scene with a retro-tinged party starter called “Back It Up” (complete with DJ scratches). Soon, that demo helped land Emerald a TV performance, just as a YouTube video of the song began to catch, propelling that song to a top 20 hit.

Gramophonedzie (born Marko Milicevic) is a Serbian DJ from where he also studied Sound Design at the Belgrade University. 2009 saw him catapulted into the worldwide spotlight with the release of his track ʻWhy Donʼt Youʼ, – an electro swing track that sampled Peggy Leeʼs swing standard ʻWhy Donʼt You Do Rightʼ. Initially signed to Guesthouse before being picked up by Positiva, a sub label of Virgin/EMI, it was one of the biggest club records of that year.

A master violinist and guitarist, with an eclectic musical experience, Jazzotron draws inspiration from traditional swing.
With a unique blend of traditional swing vibes, creamy vocals, and a tantalising injection of his native Serbian flavours with violin sojourns, these beats are getting the Electro-Swing community excited.

Wolfgang Lohr

Wolfgang worked as a musician, a trumpeter, singer and songwriter for the Skaband “DaSKArtell” for over fifteen years before releasing his own dance floor Swing-house. Lohr explains “the motto, ‘now more than ever,’ says it all. Electro Swing is what I’m all about right now, and this is the moment that everything is happening in that space. “

Atom Smith

Atom Smith is a musician, producer, Dj, remixer, songwriter, audio engineer living in Los Angeles, CA. Atom has also made ubiquitous international DJ appearances from Glastonbury to his home-turf Burning Man Festival to Coachella among many others. 

The Swing Bot

With a style that demonstrates his club-based musical heritage The Swing Bot combines the dark, relentless sounds of underground electronic dance music with a vintage jazz tradition.
The Swing Bot, forever hidden behind his illuminated moustache mask, will present his first release with ‘Freshly Squeezed’ later on this year.
DJ Emma Clair

Creator of Manchester based club night ‘Prohibition,’ Emma Clair is fast making a name for herself as one of the leading female DJs in the UK!

Dutty Moonshine

Dutty Moonshine is the creation of Michael Rack and Alex Furley. Both have had years of experience mixing many genres from Hip-Hop to Breaks to Jungle and with a passion for the vaudeville arts